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Migration of websites based on Drupal 7 to 9/10

Migrating websites from Drupal 7 to 9/10

We must inform our clients that version 7 of Drupal CMS shall be maintained up to November 2023. This version worked stable for up to 10 years and must step aside for the next generation which shall be developed into the future. Up to this time we have build and migrated sites for some of our clients.

We are aware how important is the transition towards the new system. Thus shall guarantee the future of the project. It is a pity, but more of the sites have to be build again from scratch on the new platform and the information migrated. That means expenses and efforts.

Our team is on your disposal concerning:

creation of websites based on Drupal 9/10;
migration of data from sites based on Drupal 7 to the new versions;
saving the URL addresses, thus the site’s indexation on Search engines;
saving and adding meta-data;
education on the new system.

Drupal 10 shall be supported in the next coming years and the migration to version 9, for which stable modules are to be found is a major step for updating the system towards the new versions.