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Internet site

Overall information concerning the creation of a website

Internet sites are an accessible and affordable form for presenting and advertising. Despite of it in order to be useful for the business and the services which it presents in any area, the site must comply with a few basic needs which are proven from our practice.

easy to remember domain name best to be related with the company’s activity or name, like opendramasociety.еu, or

- those names are just for example and could refer to a sample customer.

We check the domain name availability for each of our customers and we offer a list of them.

The second important necessity is usefulness of the information and site usability. Despite having a nice outlook, without usefulness and lack of information the site shall bore its visitors and fall from the top rating. Usually sites are monitored by search engines like Google and Yahoo. Avoiding a bad rating one must consider a good structured website with sections and subsections providing useful and well presented information.

Last but not least is the combination between a modern aesthetic outlook with clean navigation which leads to a better user experience and provides possibility for the visitors to reach the needed information.

Dynamics is important for a modern website. It shall be useful when one posts events/news or new projects with the according text and photos. One monthly might be enough. It is important also to have inbound and outgoing links, such as leading to projects, partners or external sites. The latter could be situated in the local or the international web space.

Level of usability

The more one site is useful for the society via its services an the provided information, the bigger is its chance to get developed and be successful.

Unique information

The level of search ability of a website increased thought unique keywords, terms and way of writing (not very common with the level of information in the WWW).

Contacts & social network

Into the modern society which we may call information one, the access of the visitor is 90% derives from recommendations, social networks and contacts. We add the WWW as a source for the latter. In this very context each thematic website must strive maintaining connections with other sites and portals, which are connected with the topic its shows, via references, articles and links.