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What is a Content management system (CMS)

CMS stays for Content Management System

Behind this Internet term hides the backbone of modern websites.

The CMS based and well organised website can be maintained via administrative interface called Back End. With its help one can upload information, text, photos, etc. The information can be visualized attractively to the customers. 

The maintaining of a big website in which new things happened constantly means heavy work, which shall turn into a nightmare when a CMS is not available.

The system gives a possibility to change and add information on a flexible way to inexperienced users. The latter are organized in groups with the proper permissions.

Thus one can take the role of an administrator, editor or a copy righter.

CMS stays for the present of the Internet technologies. Sites are to be developed and constructed on the Internet servers and maintained just with the help of a browser.

Open source Content management systems like Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla and others are maintained from developers. They use databases in which the CMS stores information, user activities and other data.

Which CMS do we use?

Nov sait Ltd., is specialized in building websites based on CMS Drupal.

Which other CMS are we familiar with?

We are experienced in maintaining sites based on Wordpress, but we are not specialists with this CMS.